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If ever there was ever a time to enrich ourselves it is the beginning season of hibernation, soul searching and intrinsic self awareness. I was able to attend a photography weekend with the beautiful souls of Susanna Risser and Christine Farmer at the Abide Retreat and it filled my lungs with precious inspiration and space to breathe. In this crazy life, we forget to set time out for ourselves to delve deeper into the wilderness of our work in order to inspire and curate new magic. If we do not make room for new magic; we tend to drown in the comparison and self deprication of our inner voice. Some people are much better at calming this inner voice than I am so needless to say this might not resonate with you, but for voice rages at times and I forget to squelch it through the beauty of connection and tales of similarities through women. I, for one, am a gracious keeper of perfectionist tendencies and it is so refreshing and life changing to establish such grounded reciprocity through the souls of other creatives. Thank you for the gift of community ladies and for the wild abandon in which you exist and create.

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