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Interior Symbolism Lifestyle Session

So I have been absolutely horrible at posting blog updates. I love writing poetry but when it comes to describing a shoot I put it off for years! lol.

This shoot of my aunt Tamra was extraordinary. It was a sunny and beautiful Montana day and we literally rocked 5 different outfits and so many different styled backgrounds that I lost count. What I love about this shoot is that it really shows her brilliance. There are many different facets of being an entrepreneur — you wear so many different hats and it’s hard to capture all of those parts of who you are! I have to say, though, we actually did it! We captured her love for cultures and her AMAZING tribal jewelry, her soft feminine side, her up front and in your face side, her earthy, nature loving side, her fun boho gypsy side, her badass business woman side, and her romantic side.

I can’t even express how fun this day was. We celebrated at Cafe Dolce in Missoula with some amazing wine and pasta. Could not have been a better end to the day.

Now if any of you need to hire someone to coach you on merging spaces with your partner or on interior symbology – she is your WOMAN, hands down!

More pictures to come once she is fully launched!

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