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Enlighten Me

What if for all of your life you were searching for something more than yourself. Something that relinquishes your being into a morphing of light and love at all times. You enrapture this concept and then all of a sudden it finds you and you are it. You become it. You are I am that I am. And then just as easily it is taken away. You lose it. You become lost. You are searching still for pieces of your soul….trying to re-map, go deeper, follow the veins, become the truth and then one day….you realize you were whole from the beginning. It was all there, all along. All you had to do was become it again without the searching. You had to look in the mirror as a complete being, beyond the flesh to see the truth. When you saw it, it shocked you. You didn’t know how to handle yourself as a complete person. What do I do with my life now that I am complete….what else do I have to search for? I am answered with the completeness of my being now may still need to peel back a few layers so my completeness in a few years is complete. I grasp and I absorb. I understand fully now. How do I embody this with no goal in sight – how do I live my life peeling back more layers if I’m scared to find out what those layers are? I let go and I let it be. And I am patient for the unravelling while at the same time lustful for the next level of completeness. Permeate me. Enlighten me. Become me. I am that I am.

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